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Wow…I cannot believe my luck. This is like, a divine blessing from above, or something.

So, my current laptop (my mom's former work laptop) is an older model of Macbook; and with my streak of bad luck regarding hardware failures and losing a LOT of unrecoverable data, I figured I'd be smart this time…and relocated the external backup drive to save my data regularly from now on.

Well, I didn't expect the drive to still contain data from 2012…and I certainly didn't expect to find MY files on it.

It's like a literal time capsule…old pics, old attempted fanmakes and story casts/ideas, and even SOME of my old published stories like the original completed version of The Little Immortal and the revised version that was half completed!

With that said, PLEASE don't pester me about uploading my old stories. A lot of it isn't there anymore (considering the exodus wouldn't be for another year, I wouldn't have a reason to keep a copy of the completed stories on my computer); and my writing has vastly improved since then and I just find a lot of this to be cringe-worthy now [Threes examples from the original original The Little Immortal: Darth Vader was Ursula, Kenobi tortured Xem in a dungeon at one point, and I had the heroes and villains of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon anime special randomly join the main cast from out of FECKIN' nowhere!]…I can see use for the half-completed "Maleficent" version of the story, but only as a framework for the current HEAVILY revised version (since I've changed QUITE A LOT since then).

With that said, I'm still looking through these old files, so maybe I'll find something I'd upload…but it'll be my call.
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AilemaDragonPrincess Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015
Check this out. This might help you out with the next chapter and perhaps the rest of the Pebble and the Unicorn.…
UniversalStudiosGeek Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015
I did see that. Incredibly well done. =D

Right now, Blaine's villain song (well, "first" villain song) is a toss up between 'Dark of the Night' and a heavily modified version of…
AilemaDragonPrincess Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015
Both are good choices. You know what, you oughta make a journal asking us to vote on which any you use. As for I don't know which one. I might need a coin.
Guess what? I saw all 4 Jurassic Park films, and I got the whole story in full circle.
Check this out! It's a painting of Tokyo DisneySeas that is made by a friend of mine. I thought you'd like it enough to think it could make a great concept design for "The Little Immortal".

Disney Sea Sketch by Madame-Kikue

BTW, if you are going to use it, you might ask her for permission to use it.
It's rather well done, but unfortunately, I'm basing Skye's Kingdom more on Arendelle, so I can't really use it. :shrug: ^^;
Ok, I understand that. However, I was thinking also of Bloom's kingdom upon seeing this pic.
Which one, Domino or Kalemindor?
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