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What is this?


...and damn if it isn't addicting. XD

BTW, with all the cross-over "guest star" fighters; it seems like a wasted opportunity NOT to include Wreck-it-Ralph...
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First off, thank you all for all the best wishes. Considering I had already celebrated my birthday earlier on the 15th [because Mom was going to be out of town on a business trip] and the actual day was pretty uneventful; it definitely put a smile on my face! =D

Anyways, I suppose I should list what I received~
- 3 T-shirts [One with Batman & Superman, One with the Joker & Harley Quinn, and the last one is a cat-parody of the Jaws movie poster]
- a Subway gift card
- 2 new wireless Ps3 controllers
- and a $200 Visa Giftcard [from which I've bought multiple things on iTunes, the Dan Vs Season 1 DVD from Amazon, and pre-ordered BOTH Super Smash Bros. and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire for the 3DS]
- A GPS navigational system for my PT Cruiser

Writing Hiatus
Guys, I'm sorry. Between home life, college, video gaming, and my own procrastinating ineptitude; I have made y'all wait far too long on the continuation of my stories. WELL NO LONGER. Starting Friday [I have to finish an art assignment today for my college class tomorrow] I AM FINAAaaaaaaaaaaaaLLLLLLLYYYY BACK TO WORK ON X92's THE LITTLE IMMORTAL!!!!

…and I do mean it this time!

So expect Ch3 to be up sometime next week. In the meantime, I'll be making some minor fixes and tweaks to the first two chapters, re-dedicating the story in honor of the late Robin Williams (considering his most beloved character is one of the major supporting characters of this story), and doing one final recast! Admittedly chosen to add some ethnic diversity to the human world characters, I now have to agree with you guys on the fact that Lalo from Ratatouille really doesn't work as Chef Louie.  Thus, in a choice most likely influenced by my latest favorite video game, the role now goes to Siebold, the famous chef and Kalos Elite Four Member from Pokemon X&Y:… [considering what Pokemon type he specializes in, this is going to make "Les Poissons" IMMENSELY AND HILARIOUSLY ironic XD]

But…there's a catch. In order to catch up on 'Immortal' and balance college and everything else; I'm unfortunately not going to be able to do a new "Treehouse of Horrors" this year. ^^;  But to make up for it, I'll be writing an expanded reboot of my Runaway Brain story.

 [As for Pebble and the Unicorn; I haven't forgotten about it either, but am putting it on hold a wee bit longer…I want to finish it and its mini-sequel short in-between TLI and TLI: SotLK to space the two installments out.]

Just as well, I'm currently formulating some various story ideas. Details coming soon!
_ _ _

Oh, and I've also grown a soul patch. XD

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"In the Dark of the Night" from Don Bluth's Anastasia is, hands-down, my favorite villain song of ALL TIME. I literally have over 30+ different versions on my iPod [AMVs, International versions, dubs, instrumentals, etc]; so I'm gonna count down the top 10 best versions. Because I was bored…

10. Icelandic

9. Danish

8. Russian

7. Greek

6. Slovak

5. Brazilian Portuguese

4. Italian

3. Japanese

2. English

1. French

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How is this better than the Safari Zone? If anything, it's WORSE! 

Eh whatever, anyone wanna swap friend codes? ^^;
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...and damn if it isn't addicting. XD

BTW, with all the cross-over "guest star" fighters; it seems like a wasted opportunity NOT to include Wreck-it-Ralph...
  • Mood: Zest
  • Playing: SSB4


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Hey Xem. I was wondering. I know you are working on the stories, but the wait time is getting longer and longer. Which leads me to asking, what's taking you so long?
Well besides college and family, my time has been divided between working on my first review, my goal in completing the pokedex in Pokemon X (currently 618 out of 718), and just trying to sit down and focus on writing...I'll be forcing myself to write today; and maybe I can get something done over the next few days. It's been extremely hard...I really haven't written in over a year; so it's difficult to shift back in.
I know how you feel, man.
thanks for being so patient. I promise an update WILL come VERY soon
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