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How to Destroy Your Career the Josh Trank Way in 8 Easy Steps!!~

1) When given the task of adapting a famous and classic superhero comic book, describe your vision for the characters that shows a disconnect with the source material by making it "grounded" "dark" and "edgy". Describe these superpowers as "body-horror disabilities" and don't anticipate the obvious fan backlash.

2) Tell the cast not to read/research the comics whatsoever.

3) Just remake your previous movie [Chronicle] dressed-up as this new movie…clearly feeding your pretentious ego because you got lucky and had a successful first movie.

4) Arrive on set drunk and high as a kite.

5) Trash a rental home, forcing studio executives to fly down to New Orleans and pay a fortune to the owners so they wouldn't sue and generate negative publicity. Blame it on your dogs (and drawing on the wall. WTF?) Get yourself booted off the Star Wars film you were supposed to direct.

6) Claim the comic book film adaptation is NOT for the fans. 

7) On opening night, go on Twitter and unprofessionally put all the blame on the studio, burning bridges in the process and making an ass out of yourself.

8) Get drunk and argue with trolls on 4chan.

…classy, ain't he?

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AilemaDragonPrincess Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015
Check this out. This might help you out with the next chapter and perhaps the rest of the Pebble and the Unicorn.…
UniversalStudiosGeek Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015
I did see that. Incredibly well done. =D

Right now, Blaine's villain song (well, "first" villain song) is a toss up between 'Dark of the Night' and a heavily modified version of…
AilemaDragonPrincess Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015
Both are good choices. You know what, you oughta make a journal asking us to vote on which any you use. As for I don't know which one. I might need a coin.
Guess what? I saw all 4 Jurassic Park films, and I got the whole story in full circle.
Check this out! It's a painting of Tokyo DisneySeas that is made by a friend of mine. I thought you'd like it enough to think it could make a great concept design for "The Little Immortal".

Disney Sea Sketch by Madame-Kikue

BTW, if you are going to use it, you might ask her for permission to use it.
It's rather well done, but unfortunately, I'm basing Skye's Kingdom more on Arendelle, so I can't really use it. :shrug: ^^;
Ok, I understand that. However, I was thinking also of Bloom's kingdom upon seeing this pic.
Which one, Domino or Kalemindor?
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